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It is to your benefit to obtain personalized loan assistance as you begin shopping for a home.  By using calculators, you can get a rough idea of your approximate monthly mortgage payments, but with the benefit of a conversation with a live, local lender, you can be provided a more accurate estimate of your total costs.

You'll want to talk with a local lender to review the type of financing that is best for you (such as FHA or conventional), as well as get an estimate of the maximum purchase price of the homes you'll be looking to buy.  You'll also want to know your total monthly mortgage commitment, including principle, interest, taxes, insurance, PMI, and homeowner association fees if applicable, before previewing properties.  This is so you don't waste your time with properties that don't work for you.

When you make an offer on a property, it is customary for the seller to request proof of your loan pre-qualification or loan pre-approval as well as proof of funds to close escrow.  You'll want to have your homework done prior to making an offer on a home, so this information can be submitted along with your offer, and you will not lose valuable time in getting the listing agent to submit your offer to the seller.

Feel free to complete the information below, so you can information about a wide variety of loan programs at extremely competitive rates, and find the loan that is best for you.
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Felicia, the way you presented yourself was the reason I felt comfortable with you and stopped returning calls from other agents. ...
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